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GoDaddy Email Setup and Configuration

Big Sky Internet Design utilizes GoDaddy for our client's email needs.

GoDaddy is the leading Domain Name Registrar and Hosting Company. We understand how critical email is in today's world and how bad SPAM has gotten, so we decided to enlist the experts in Email for our clients! With GoDaddy email is a fantastic Webmail program that will allow you to access your email from anywhere with any browser AND a GREAT mobile version to use on your phone.

Or, follow the instructions in this link to set up your email on Phones, Tablets and Computers!

The most common issue that clients have is setting up email in Outlook. Here are the key points:

  1. Log in to Outlook.
  2. From the Tools menu, select Email Accounts.
  3. Select View or change existing email accounts and click Next.
  4. Select the account you want to change and click Change.

Typical Email Settings

  • Login Information
    • Username: Your full email address
    • Password: Matches your email account password
  • Server Information
    • Incoming mail server(POP3): pop.secureserver.net
    • Outgoing mail server(SMTP): smtpout.secureserver.net
  • Server Port Numbers (Advanced Settings)
    • Incoming server(POP3): 110
    • Outgoing server(SMTP): 25, 3535, or 80 (Android default with Security Type = None).
    • Outgoing server(SMTP) with Security type = SSL: 465 (iPhone Default and Android with Security type = SSL).
  • Server Authentication
    • Make sure that Outgoing Server (SMTP) Requires Authentication is checked. This setting is typically in the More Settings or Advanced area.

Critical Features of GoDaddy Email:

Spam Protection

Stay a step ahead of spammers! GoDaddy's powerful new Spam Protection is more than just a filter - it's a sophisticated new technological solution. Spam Protection protects your inbox - and preserves your valuable time - by detecting and eliminating spam before you have to deal with it. It's so easy to use; you just set, forget, and let Spam Protection's powerful technology do the rest.

Virus Protection

All GoDaddy.com email accounts include state-of-the-art Virus Protection system and automatically blocks infected email attachments that may damage your computer with destructive viruses. Virus scanning occurs every time the servers receive an incoming attachment. Virus Protection is in place for both Webmail and POP3 email clients (Outlook, Outlook Express, etc...) so that any emails that contain an infected attachment are automatically blocked.

GoDaddy.com Anti-Phishing Technology

As more and more communication and transactions are taking place online, phishing schemes and other attempts to steal sensitive personal information have become increasingly prevalent and innovative.

GoDaddy.com's advanced fraud protection program effectively protects you from phishing schemes by detecting and intercepting phishing schemes and other fraudulent email messages before they reach your inbox. GoDaddy.com detects phishing schemes by examining the links embedded in incoming mail messages. If a link appears to be pointing to legitimate site, but in fact leads to a fraudulent destination; the message will be considered fraudulent and thus intercepted.

A phishing scheme typically consists of an email message that appears to originate from a trusted source, but in fact is an attempt to obtain and exploit sensitive user information, such as login credentials for the targeted user's online bank account. The mail message likely will contain a link that appears to lead to an authorized Web site that belongs to a legitimate, trusted company. The idea is to make the email user take the bait by clicking the link and providing the requested data to the fraudulent party, which will then attempt to exploit the obtained information.

As a GoDaddy.com email user, you will not actually notice the fraud-protection technology in action, as it operates behind the scenes. However, the advanced technology will have an instant impact on your mail account as much fewer – if any – fraudulent mail messages will appear in your inbox.

GoDaddy Email Support

If you happen to experience issues with your email, GoDaddy has the best support staff that we have ever worked with! They are extremely helpful, courteous and speak perfectly clear English! We have found that it is much faster for you to contact GoDaddy directly then to contact us for email issues. They are THE experts and can very quickly troubleshoot any problems that may arise!

To Contact GoDaddy Email Support 24 Hours a Day: