Want to sell more? Bring in more customers?

What will that cost and when will you see your ROI?

The answers are below!

Carol Ward - BSID customer since 2009
does not look good on Phones
Difficult to navigate on Phones
outdated information, Not secure
Will be passed over by google in search results
Carol Ward - BSID customer since 2009
Eye catching, clean design
Easy to view/navigate on Any device
Automatically adapts to any screensize
secure & Favored by Google in Search Results

Big Sky Internet Design has been building websites for the horse industry since 1998. Our customers have sold millions and millions of dollars in horses, trailers, stud fees, etc... using their websites.

Now you can too!

We are unique because we cater to people just like you in the horse industry.

Our website packages have all you need, whether it is for horse sales, trailer sales, horse training, stallion promotion, mare breeding or sale preparation - our packages are created specifically for your business. We take care of all of it.

We keep it simple, easy and pain-free to have a beautiful website that you will be proud of AND allow you to enjoy the return on your investment.  Sounds pretty good, right?

Well, don't just take our word for it...

When I first started my business I built my own website. I was very proud of it and put a ton of time into building it. I showed it to a lady in the same business as me. She was far more successful than I was and I respected her very much. She point blank told me that my website was pitiful and no one would get past my homepage.  She gave me Big Sky Internet’s email. After I swallowed my pride, I gave Big Sky a call. It was best decision I made on an advertisement level. They have built two websites for me now. The professionalism and responsiveness is second to none. They understand the importance of time and quality. I love their creativeness and classy ideas. Worth every penny. I would recommend Big Sky to anyone.

Sarah M.
McKibben Performance & Versatility Horses

Our Promise:

  • No complicated nickel and dime billing.  Flat Rate Billing.
  • No more dealing with a company that does not know the difference between a foal and weanling!
  • No slow or non-existent customer support for questions and website updates.
  • No slow loading, cheap-looking DIY website templates, WordPress or complicated websites like others use.
  • No complicated setup and configuration wondering if everything is right.

Our Exclusive 3-Way Guarantee

  • If you are not happy with our service within the first 28 days, we will cheerfully refund 100% of your money.
  • Unlimited website updates in 24 hours or less.
  • Lifetime pricing – no price increases, ever.

That ALL sounds GREAT! But what does it cost?

We wll be glad to provide a complete proposal and exact quote after we talk about your needs, but here's some basic pricing information.

  • Websites for small or medium-sized horse operations that are custom designed, strategically built to market horses for your entire program and smartphone optimized, usually involve an investment between $2500 and $5000.
  • Larger websites with many pages or advanced features usually involve an investment between $5k and $8k and up.
  • Everyone's needs are unique, so there is no one price fits all.

ROIWhen can I expect my ROI?

In marketing, ROI is used to justify the cost of your marketing based on your sales.  Simply put, if I pay $3500 for a website today, when will I pay that off and be making money?

  • Most customers report that after optimising their website for their market, it only takes selling ONE horse or trailer or stud fee to go out of the red and into the black!
  • From that point forward, it is ALL profit.

Top 4 Questions we always get asked:

  1.  Can I update the website myself?
    << Of course! Our system makes it super easy to update your website from the sale horses to the mares to the photo galleries.

  2. What if I don't want to update my site? Can you do it for me?
    << You bet! We guarantee updates completed by the close of the next business day, but typically they are completed the same day. Often, customers figure out it's just easier to send the info to us since we are so fast!

  3. I hear about templates for websites. Do you use templates?
    << Absolutely not! Your website will be custom designed to suit you. Plus it will work great on your phone!

  4. I am Ready for my new website!  What do I need to do?
    << Great! Contact Tom, at 979-776-5160 or ...

OR, set up a convenient time for a call back!