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Manage Your Own Professional, Stunning, Equine Website!

So Simple - We Customize It, You Manage It!

Here's The Perfect Solution If You Want An Easy To Update, Gorgeous Equine Website In 3 Days or Less, GUARANTEED!

You asked... We listened!

Do any of these sound familiar? Frustrated with her website!

  • It takes forever for my web guy to do the updates I send him, and then they are not right.
  • My web guy ignores my emails and does not return my calls.
  • I tried to learn another system so I could update it myself, but it was too complicated so I got frustrated and quit.
  • It sounded easy and fast to learn how to do it myself, but all I have done is spend too much time on it, and my website is awful!
  • I can't get my website to look like a professional website. It looks like some kid did it.
  • I don't want my website to be some boring, generic template.
  • My web guy has no idea what a gelding is.
  • I tried these free website builders, but they stink!
  • Don't even get me started on Wordpress, GoDaddy or Wix.
  • All I want to do is have a beautiful website to economically market my horses and business! Why is that so hard!

Now ask yourself:  Happy Website User

  • Do I want a really awesome website that looks like a professional designed it?
  • Do I want to be able to easily and simply manage it without worrying about breaking it?
  • Do I want a very simple website admin area that is so easy to use, my kids could even help to keep it updated?
  • Do I want to be able to only pick the features that I need, and nothing else?
  • Do I want a gorgeous website for my horses that will fit my budget?
  • Do I want to team up with a company that has been in the equine website business forever?
  • Do I want to have my new website ready to go in 3 days or even less?

If you answered 'YES! PLEASE!" to those questions, then we have the perfect solution!

Introducing Our Manage-It-Yourself Website System.

We took our most popular horse website design and created an affordable, simple to use management system.  Now anyone can have a beautiful, professionally designed website to showcase their horses, equine services, or any business for that matter. Our system has been designed specifically for the horse industry, but it can be used by anyone!

The best part - It Will Be Ready in 3 Days or Less, GUARANTEED!

"They are the best. You won’t be disappointed!!!"

"Big Sky Internet Design did our website! They were professional, friendly and timely! We are complete newbies on the website front and they made it simple and user friendly. I had a few ideas of what I wanted it to look like and they made it come to life! If you need a website designed choose Big Sky! They are the best. You won’t be disappointed!!!"

Megan C.
J Arrow Livestock

How does the Manage-It-Yourself system work?
It is a team effort.  We customize it and you manage it!

  • We take your logo, pictures, color choices, and design ideas to make your new website uniquely yours.
  • We set up all the features that you select from this list so it is ready for you add your horses and other information.
    • Home/About Page
    • Content Pages
    • Contact Form
    • Header Slideshow
    • Horses For Sale
    • Stallions
    • Mares
    • Babies/Foals/Offspring
    • Winners/Congratulations
    • Testimonials
    • Blog/News
    • Photo Galleries
    • Video Page
  • We help you get started with the home page information and setup on many of the add-on features.
  • We hand you the keys and let you get acquainted to managing your new website system. But don't worry, you are not alone!  We have detailed video tutorials, extensive help files, and you can always ask us through our online help system! We actually guarantee our fast support to you!
  • Then when you are ready to take your new website live, we 'flip the switch' and your are LIVE!

That's it.  All with our industry leading 3 Way Guarantee that removes all the risk!


  1. 14 Day Money Back Guarantee - If you are unsatisfied for any reason within 14 Days, 100% of your money back.
  2. 3 Day Website Guarantee - If your website is not ready for you to add content within 3 business days, your first month is Free.
  3. 1 Day Support Guarantee - If you do not receive a reply to your questions within 1 business day, your next month is Free.

Horse Website Designs - ScreenshotThat is Awesome!  But what is the difference between the Manage-It-Yourself System and your Signature System?

  • Simply put, the Signature System customers enjoy a "Ferarri level" of service and customization which is unparalleled in our industry. 
  • Our Signature System is 100% fully customized to fit each and every customer.
  • These customers have our direct contact information for website updates, support and questions.
  • These customers enjoy our unlimited website update guarantee on every site.
  • These customers have the flexibility of updating their websites or sending the information to us and we usually update it the same day so they don't have to worry about it.
  • Check out the Signature System here.

Prices for your new Manage-It-Yourself Equine Website System start at only $999!

Sound Interesting?  Check out the plans/pricing, the whole system in action, and a complete video of the management area at!