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Step 2 in Successful Marketing of Horses Online - Google ;-(

There are many keys to being able to market horses and horse programs online successfully.

This is Step 2 of the series 'Successful Selling of Horses Online' and today we are talking about Google.

What does Google have to do with selling your horses?  Unfortunately, a lot!

Watch the video to hear from Tom Bruch, Big Sky Internet Design owner, about how to use Google to your advantage in your horse marketing plans.

  1. Relevancy and Content are King!  Google indexes websites so it can figure out what every website is about.  Google Bots (really, that is what they are called) 'crawl' every website and index all the content.  From that, it tries to match up what someone types into Google Search to relevant websites.
    For example.  If you are marketing futurity prospects and you do not talk about futurity prospects on your website, Google will have no idea that is what is on your site.  So, your website and even Facebook must have relevant content so you have a better chance of your stuff coming up first.
  2. Mobile-Friendly, ie how it works on a cell phone!  We talked about this a bit in Step 1.  Google will without a doubt rank a mobile-friendly site over one that is not, EVERY TIME.  This is why it is important to keep your website up-to-date.  Course, it is even more important for your site visitors too!
  3. Security is critical.  Google does not like websites that are not secured with an SSL Security Certificate.  A what?  To keep it simple, it is some code that force encryption (think spy movies) on all the data transfer on your website.  With so much identity theft now, it is mandatory.
  4. UP-TO-DATE Websites!  This is so obvious but it is often overlooked.  It is critical to keep your website up to date!  How many times have you hit a stallion's website page with a stud fee from 2014 still!  Google wants to see activity, and so do your site visitors!  Otherwise, it is like re-reading the same book over and over.

Yep, while there are many other search engines out there, Google is King.  Hence it is a good idea to stay on the King's good side!

Something to think about!

Stay Tuned for the next installment of this series.