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Client Survey - What is Important in Choosing a Website Design Company?

The question on the Client Survey is "What was your #1 reason to choose us (for your website design company)?*

I think the results show what those searching for a website design company are truly valuing. 

Surprisingly, 'Overall Costs' and 'The Guarantee' were only chosen by one person each.  The value received for the service of the website makes the cost, mostly irrelevant!

Here are the top 5 responses, the rest were only chosen by one person each:

  • 22.7% / 10 people said 'Industry understanding."
  • 20.5% / 9 people said "Recommendation from a friend."
  • 20.5% / 9 people said "The fast responsiveness."
  • 11.4% / 5 people said "I like the website designs."
  • 6.8% / 3 people said "Previous website company no longer fit my needs."

While these responses were specifically for our business, there is no doubt that these would hold true, to most ANY business, website design or otherwise!  

How do you answer these questions?

  • Do you understand the business?
  • Are you recommendable?  This speaks volumes!
  • Do you reply to your customers/clients quickly?
  • Do your clients/customers LIKE what you offer?
  • Do you offer a service or product that others don't, or at a minimum not like you do?

If you haven't asked your clients/customers what is important to them, how do you ever really know?

Make a simple, short survey on Google Forms for free and find out!

*I sent out a client survey to over 300 clients via email.  44 clients responded.  They had the opportunity to be anonymous if they chose to.  The reward for filling out the survey was a $15/credit on the account meant for a Free Domain Name.