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Google 101 - Day 4 - Facebook and Website Security Can Both Help Your Google Ranking.

Welcome to Google 101 - Day #4!

Today is day #4 of a series about how Google ranks websites along with things you can do to help your rankings.

Last time we discussed behind the scenes website technology and how website performance can affect how Google ranks your website.  Today, we are going to discuss the importance of Facebook and Website Security to Google.

You probably did not know that Google gives you bonus points for having a business Facebook page for your business. 

Not only is having a Business Facebook page a great way to get new customers and stay in touch with old customers, but it’s also something that will help you show up on Google. 

Google wants to put the most trustworthy and high-quality businesses at the top of search results. Looking at your business Facebook page is one of the ways that they decide how trustworthy and high-quality your business is.  

Having a business Facebook page gets you bonus points, having a business Facebook page that a lot of people “like” gets more bonus points, and having a business Facebook page that you update frequently gets you the most bonus points.

What about website security?  Well, Google greatly prefers websites utilizing SSL/HTTPS for Security.

Google will rank a website secured with SSL before a non-secured site without thinking twice, ie.  https://BigSkyInternetDesign.com vs http://BigSkyInternetDesign.com.  

They want to see that you take security seriously for your site visitors plus it gives your website more legitimacy.  Particularly now due to the vast number of privacy issues that have come to light recently.  

If you are not sure if your website is secure, look at the address bar in your browser for the Green Lock Icon to make sure your website is secure. 

As a tip, NEVER fill out a form on a website that is not secure!

That is it for our Google series, that is until they come out with more info, in which case we will let you know.