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Google 101 - Day 3 - How Website Technology and Performance Affects Your Google Ranking.

Welcome to Google 101 - Day #3!

Today is day #3 of a series about how Google ranks websites along with things you can do to help your rankings.

Last time we discussed how important the presentation of content on your site is to Google.  Today, we are going to discuss the technology and performance aspects of your website for the best results.

Google does not like outdated technology on your website.  If your website is more than 5 years old or so, you may fall into that category.  Especially if you are using WordPress or some of the free site builders out there.  If so, be sure to keep those updated to the most current versions. 

Your website MUST be mobile friendly and be responsive to whatever device it is being viewed on.  This means it should change automatically to look and work great on everything from a wide TV screen to a cell phone.

Plus, Google wants to see websites that are newer and fresh, because they know that site visitors will also prefer those websites. 

Next is page loading speed.  This has gotten to be extremely important, particularly on mobile devices.  Back in 2018 Google announced that load speed would be a significant factor in ranking websites, both mobile and on desktops.

Since that time, Google has claimed that the internet as a whole has sped up as more and more websites have gotten faster.

Not only is load time important for Google, but it is even more important for your website visitors!  The first impression is everything and if they have to wait for your site to load, they are out of there!  

Often this goes back to the technology used on your website as well.  Many, many Wordpress sites are horribly slow due to the sheer amount of data that loads behind the scenes.  Even newer sites can be terrible.  Also, the free and inexpensive site builders can also be slow as those also load a crazy amount of code behind the scenes as they try to be a fit for every website out there!

Due to this, all our sites are hand-coded and only load what needs to be loaded and we reduce the image sizes as much as we can for fast load times.  It can make a huge difference!

Next week we'll be discussing how Facebook business pages and website security come into play with Google.