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Google 101 - Day 2 - How Content Presentation Can Help Google Like Your Site Better.

Welcome to Google 101 - Day #2!

Today is day #2 of a series about how Google ranks websites along with things you can do to help your rankings.

Last time we discussed how important the actual content on your site is to Google.  Today, we are going to discuss the organization and presentation of that content for the best results.

First off, create individual pages for each of your products or services.

Google likes webpages that are all about one topic. If a page on one website is entirely about a specific service and a page on another website just mentions that service, Google will rank the first one higher. 

In the horse world, it is critical to have listing pages of your horses, whether that is mares, stallions, babies, horses for sale, etc...  Then you must have a detailed page for each of them with good content about them.   Google will then index each of your horses!

Next, be sure to include keywords in the headings and sub-headings on each of your pages.  

Google gives more weight to the words in the headings on your webpages than to the words in the rest of the text.  This means that you should use headings with keywords in them, rather than generic headings like "welcome to our website" or 'About'.  

On a horse website, an example of this can be something like 'Finished Cutting Horses For Sale', or 'Yearling Halter Horses For Sale', etc...  This is something that can easily be overlooked that can make a significant difference.

Next week we'll be discussing the technology of how your website is built as well as the speed of it and how that can adversely affect your Google rankings.