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Why updating your website is so important.

Today we are discussing website updates and why they are so important.

How often you go to a website and the information is hopelessly outdated.  Things like stud fees from years ago, horses that you inquire about, but they are sold, events listed on a calendar from last year.  When you go to those sites, what is the first thing you think of?

Easy, if that information is outdated, the chance that the rest of the website has been ignored as well is pretty high.  Then you leave.

Many people use Facebook because it is so easy plus they are on it a lot anyway.  The expectation is that people will find the updated information there.  But they won't unless they are following you.  How many followers do you actually have compared to everyone in the world that can find your website?  Facebook is great for that, but Facebook and your website should work together for you to get the most bang for your buck.

Then there is Google.  Yep, Google is very critical of stale websites.  It makes perfect sense though.  Think of it this way.  You are searching for a certain type of horse for sale, you expect that Google will without a doubt show you good recent results.  You would never expect Google to show you a website that has not been updated in a year!

So, why don't people update their websites?  A couple of reasons. 

First off, it is a pain in the butt!  They either have to figure out how to do it themselves or hope their website person will do it eventually and are scared to see the bill afterward. 

Or they are just lazy as it takes too much work.  These are the same people that later say, what is the point of having a website?  I never get any business from it!   Umm...  there would be a reason for that!

This is why years ago, we decided to solve these problems.  We offer unlimited updates for all our customers for a FLAT monthly or annual fee.  Plus we guarantee our updates are completed within 24 hours, usually the same day.  Simple!  This way, they can send us an email, their website is updated timely and there is never a surprise bill!

Plus, many of our customers update the important parts of their website themselves.  Things like sale horses, photo galleries, calendars, etc...

The point of all of this is if you want to get the most value from your website for your business, keep it updated!  Because if you don't, there really is no point in having it all!