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Wait. What? Even more tips for horse associations and their websites?

Yep, it is hard to believe so much can go into a website for horse associations.  But it is true!

Last week we talked about the organization of key areas so the site will look AND work great now and 10 years from now!

This week, we are going to discuss the more technical side of things.  Some things that can get overlooked initially, but quickly turn into pain points for your members.

First off, Fancy Effects.  Just say no to Fancy Effects! 

They used to be the big thing and some developers still go overboard.  Fancy effects have a tendency to get real old, real fast.  Plus they also slow down the website.  If you took a look at the code of sites with all those effects, you would be amazed how much code there is!  Keep it simple!

Fast page loading.  WordPress and other free website builders tend to be more sluggish then simpler custom coded websites and more reliable.  Simplicity equals speed and reliability.

Ease of Maintenance.  This is another place where WordPress and other free website builders fall flat.  They have SO MANY options, which is what makes them powerful, that they are often very difficult for novice website owners to understand and not mess things up! 

The simplicity of maintenance is what drove us to design and build our own software that purpose.  We keep maintenance very simple, easy, quick and straight forward.  In fact, you would only see the areas that apply to you.  Plus it is mainly just simple data entry because the software takes care of all the formatting.  

Of course, the other option for our customers when it comes to site maintenance is just to let us do it for you.  Customers are amazed at how quickly our team takes care of their website updates!

After over 20 years in working with horse associations, we are like the guy in the nationwide insurance commercial. kind of like Farmers Insurance commercial - We know a thing or two because we have seen a thing or two!