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More Tips for Horse Associations and Their Websites

Today we are discussing design aspects for Horse Association websites. The most important key to designing these sites is organization.  Sounds simple, right?  

Well, it might be when the site goes live and it does not have much on it, but what about 10 years from now when it is all cluttered up? Organization is key.  Let’s dive into some of those critical areas.

The organization must be planned.  Association websites have a tendency to get very convoluted and large over time.  Our experience has proven that.  With that in mind, when we design a new website for an association, we understand how it is going to work when it goes live AND how it will work in 10 years from now. 

Let's talk specifics.

Club Announcements.  These must be removed once they are no longer applicable. 

Standings should be categorized by Year and class and kept for as long as they want to keep them.  If organized properly, they can be kept indefinitely.

Show Results are similar.  If they are organized correctly, right off the bat, then it is simple to keep them organized for years to come.

Photo Galleries are similar as well.  They should be categorized typically by date and what it is.  Then it is not a problem to keep those for years to come too.

After over 20 years in working with horse associations, when it comes to association websites, we are like the guy in the Farmers Insurance commercial - "We know a thing or two because we have seen a thing or two!"