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Tips for Horse Associations and Their Websites

What really is the purpose of a website for a Horse Association?

This is an extremely important question that many people take for granted.

Back in the day, you just had to have a website!  Maybe for a show schedule and for various announcements.

I am going to discuss two of the most important aspects of Horse Association website.  I am not even going to talk much about appearance today.  I am talking about the critical features that you must have on that site!

Purpose #1:  Serve your Membership!

Why?  Competition.  You may not even consider that.

Now it is critical to SERVE your Membership since there are so many other associations that members can choose from. They can go down the road and show in many different associations.  

It is critical that you support your members.

What do members look for on an association website?

- Communication.
- Relevant Announcements.
- Timely information, not outdated!
- Show schedule.
- Easy to find and use Results.
- Easy to find Standings.
- Easy to use Online Membership forms with payment options.
- Easy to use Online Show Entry Forms, Stall Forms, RV Forms, etc… with payment options.
- Photo galleries.  People LOVE to see themselves in that slice of time.
- Social media activity.
- Easy to find contact information, especially day of show information.

Purpose #2:  Serve your Sponsors!

Now, especially now, is the time to really think about giving VALUE to your sponsors.  That is assuming you have sponsorships on your website.  Many sites still don’t!

How do you provide VALUE so your sponsors will WANT to give your club money?
- Exposure on the website can be many things but must be on every page.
- Their company information with name, description, logo, and website address.
- Allow sponsorship of individual pages for higher VALUE for them.   Think Calendar, Standings, Results, the pages that get the traffic.
- It is all about name recognition, seeing their name over and over.

I did not discuss the appearance of the website, as that goes without saying.

But, the site should be dynamic and reflect that association’s personality, as they are all individuals!

Remember… Have some fun!  That is WHY people are at your shows and pay you money to be a member!