3 Keys to Selling More Horses Online

Learn the tips and tricks to increase sales

Carol Ward - BSID customer since 2009
does not look good on mobile devices
Difficult to navigate on mobile devices
outdated information, Not secure
Will be passed over by google in search results
Carol Ward - BSID customer since 2009
Eye catching, clean design
Easy to view/navigate on Any device
Automatically adapts to any screensize
secure & Favored by Google in Search Results

Big Sky Internet Design has been building websites for the horse industry since 1998. Our customers have sold millions and millions of dollars in horses, both domestic and internationally, using their websites.

Discover the 3 keys to selling more horses online:

  1. Your website must be optimized for mobile use in a number of ways:
    1. It must work flawlessly on any device from a TV to a phone.
    2. Your website must make it crazy simple for visitors to find your horses, their information, pedigree, pictures and videos.
    3. Your website must load quickly on a phone. Many sites, particularly WordPress sites, are notorious for being slow loading. Slow loading means visitors leave as they get frustrated.
    4. Your contact information should be on every page. Your phone number must be a link to dial your phone number on the visitors phone.
  2. Your website must be ‘liked’ by Google:
    1. Google will rank well designed mobile friendly sites over those that aren’t mobile friendly.
    2. Your website must be secured with SSL/HTTPS as Google will rank secure sites over unsecure sites.
    3. The content on your website must be relevant to what you think people will type in to find you. Sounds obvious, but many sites are not this way.
    4. The older the technology on your website, the less Google will ‘like’ it.
  3. Your horse listings must be eye-catching:
    1. Bad pictures are much worse than no pictures. We tell this to customers all the time! Take the time to learn how to take pictures. YouTube Videos is a great source for tutorials. Or pay a photographer to take eye-flattering pictures.
    2. Keep videos short and to the point. If the video is an entire cutting run, edit out the walk to the herd and the walk out of the herd. People have short attention spans and long videos will lose them.
    3. Keep your site updated. How many times have you been to a site and the site has not been updated in years? (Hint: we make that fast and easy!)
    4. The most obvious of all, clean them up! Bathe and clip them so they look show room ready. You would not try to sell a car without cleaning it up, same goes for you horse. Tack too!

The bottom line is attention to detail makes all the difference. Then your horses will be found online and they will stand out from the competition.

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